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False Allegations - Only Fathers With Money Can Fight Back

Originally Published on May 30, 2013

The system knows it is corrupt and it doesn't care. Only men who have the money to fight back have a small chance in our corrupt family courts.

Comments Include:

"False Accusers need to be made public. They need to pay for all the damages incurred from their choices of making false accusations. Charges need to be brought against false accusers. Anything less is only going to perpetuate this illegal and devastating tactic for personal gain. REMEMBER - If we DON'T exercise our rights then we WILL lose them."

"I am currently going though false abuse accusations from the mother of my child, and that is why I looked up this topic online. It's so sad how some one is willing to ruin someone else's life for their personal game. It's a terrible place to be if your the alleged abuser. I feel for these gentlemen because I'm going through the same thing right now!!!!! Hope everything works out for these guys!!!!"

#falseaccusations #accusationofmolestation #wrongfullyaccused #wrongfullyconvicted

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