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The Women Without a Conscience in the Wrongly Accused Men’s Lives – Watch Out!

A Generation of Girls Growing Up Without a Conscience

After receiving an email on Monday morning from the mother of a man who was wrongfully convicted of sexually molesting his step-daughter, I sat back and pondered a few things glaring at me about his case. I see an increasing number of fathers and step-dads convicted of sexual abuse against their teenage daughters. The victim statements aren’t consistent. The descriptions of how the molestation or rape happened physically makes no sense unless the dad was an acrobat. The story changes depending on who the girl is talking to. And evidence becomes available but the prosecution won’t allow it to be heard. Without it the judge doesn’t see the whole story, the teen is more believable and BAM the dad’s worst nightmare becomes true. If the teen puts on an effective enough show of tears and blubbering about her victimization, she can appeal to the judge’s soft spot as the grandpa he likely is. I see a common thread happening.

The stories then become entrenched with more drama than a double feature horror film. I did some digging. The reason for the growing number of such cases struck me as if suddenly being smacked in the head.

What kind of mother would splash all over the Internet, major news stations, and even foreign tabloids that her 16-year-old daughter had been sexually molested by her step father? Anonymity to shield the minor victim from harmful publicity is a no brainer. I’ll tell you why these moms do this. Attention. An insatiable need for attention as a balm to her sickness. A mentally healthy mother would never put her child at more risk by publicizing her abuse.

She named the names and locations of all involved including mothers of his additional children, the children themselves, aunts, and grandmothers. These uninvolved family members of the step-dad fear for their lives now that their personal information was published for every deviant to see. Consequently, there have been death threats and intimidations to do bodily harm to those small children and their moms. They have had to move several times. This mother blogs about these other children and their moms regularly about what it must feel like to have a sexual predator for a father, that they are just miniature sexual deviants because of their DNA, that they should just die and do the world a favor. What kind of mother seeks to ruin the lives of little children who don’t even begin to understand what a sexual predator is yet? The effects of her actions will be destructive throughout their lives. This is a monster who needs to be stopped.

Daughters had been walking a slippery road by meeting older men from chat rooms, drinking, and sneaking out long before the alleged molestation. The step-dads set down consequences, which makes the teens angry and determined to get him out of the house one way or another. He was ruining her sorry life in this case. What sort of mother would work as a stripper, perform adult rated shows on the Internet, hang out with biker gangs, talk about committing suicide, have an affair shortly after marrying the step-dad and then wonder why her daughter’s behavior is what it is? She blamed the effects of the molesting for the teen’s bad behavior. This girl was well on her way to trouble long before the alleged incident, which is usually the case. But it’s always nice to blame someone else for your problems instead of facing the truth. This is becoming common with the wrongly accused and their women.

The step-daughter’s troubled behavior including sexting with grown men at age 13, was not allowed in court because she was a minor. Evidence that would have shown the judge that this girl was street-wise and had ulterior motives for accusing her step-dad of molesting her never got through. If she was old enough to perpetrate such a heinous lie then she was old enough to stand up and take the full consequences of her actions.

Then it cultivated from an accusation of molestation to rape during psychological tests. But she said she didn’t know if her step-dad had used a condom, or whether he had ejaculated. Come on, really? She was not a virgin, but well experienced with sex before then. A rape kit was performed and no bodily fluids were found. No physical signs of intercourse were discovered at all. She should have thought more about how to explain how he molested/raped her – he would have had to have been a contortionist according to her testimony.

What convicted this innocent man is what sends many of them to prison, then a long parole that is so constrictive it’s unfathomable. The accused are threatened to take a plea deal or spend the next 15 – 20 years in prison. Without effective counsel (another serious failure in the justice system), the plea deal is a halleluiah. Down the road, they learn that registering as a sex offender is required, and parole could reach into old age.

While on parole they are not allowed to go to a shopping mall, to church, to a park, a zoo, go near a school, or anywhere else children might be seen. That leaves the parolee’s house and yard. They will never find a job. And all because these people have done…nothing illegal. What sends them to prison wrongfully convicted are women like this teen’s mom – women with no conscience who have mental issues that drive them to create more drama than a drag queen just to feel worthy. The case for these women suffering from Munchausen Disease by Internet is real. This teen’s mother posted all over the Internet and her blog about her daughter’s strange and numerous illnesses and many accidents that elicited thousands of comments of sympathy and support from people all over the world.


The reason this phenomenon is so tragic is that not only does it send an innocent person to prison it is also a generation of sick moms who are teaching their daughters to be liars, sneaks, and deceivers who have no conscience about accusing someone of a horrific crime that will utterly devastate them and their family forever. This is the next generation of teens becoming adult women learning how to solve their problems with men and life by setting them up to fall through lies and false accusations that land them in prison with no hope of a successful defense. For charges of sexual abuse on a minor, there doesn’t have to be any evidence. These girls are learning that if they cry and whine enough with a half way good story the power to destroy is powerful.

For the men who are victims of these self-serving women, it will bankrupt them. They will lose absolutely everything – their home, their career, friends, family, dreams, their future, their self-respect. And sometimes their lives because they can’t understand how it happened or how to live with it. Being out of options and hopeless suicide is sometimes the only reprieve.

According to Prison Legal News, of the 1,242 total exonerations in 2014, 210 of those were due to crimes that were never committed. Of those, child sexual abuse cases topped the list – 75% of all child sexual abuse exonerations involved no crime at all.

This is a very real and growing problem. The next time you come across a person who is accused of sexual abuse think before you judge him. He could be another victim of the wrongly accused and convicted population in our society whose only crime was that they unknowingly hooked up with a woman who’s without a conscience.

Thoughts? Should women who accuse falsely be convicted and spend some time in jail? Should their teenage minions pay a price also?

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