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The Forgotten. The Innocent. The Wrongly Convicted.

If someone lands in prison they must have done something to deserve it, right? Hasn’t that been the prevailing opinion throughout society? Lock them up and throw away the key. They had it comin’.

I had an opportunity to co-author a book about a man Rob Hall in Idaho who shot a lawyer in self-defense and Rob now sits in prison for murder 2. How can such a thing be, you ask? Open your eyes. Google “wrongly convicted” and prepare to spend awhile learning about the horrific travesty of justice going on in this America the land of the free. So, in Rob Hall’s case, the prosecution wanted first-degree murder with special circumstances – deliberate cold blooded homicide with premeditation and malice is the legal definition of murder – and they got it.

There were no witnesses. Forensic evidence was destroyed in several instances including prints and gunpowder residue. Sentenced to 35 years in prison for murder 2, he cannot apply for parole until he has served 17 ½ years and then it’s a crap shoot because someone had to go down for the killing of Emmett Corrigan, the cocky and successful darling of the justice community in Boise who pulled the gun first and shot Rob in the head. This was after he threatened Rob’s life numerous times over the past 2 years in person, on Facebook, around town, at the Hall home. Yea, Rob brought his licensed to carry .38 handgun. He was afraid for his life!

Rob Hall

Welcome to The Innocence Chronicles. But this fact never made it to the jury. The prosecution painted a ridiculous picture of Rob Hall who “armed himself with a handgun and waited for his wife, Kandi, and Emmett Corrigan in a Walgreens parking lot.” They said Hall shot Corrigan twice, then tried to shoot himself in the head as an act of suicide but missed. That was the first half-cocked fabrication in a case of countless inventions and cover-ups. The trajectory of the bullet was wrong for that to happen. Rob was not allowed to testify in his own behalf. If he had, he would likely have gone free, for even a mediation judge declared this not a crime, but self-defense before the trial began. Rob Hall’s situation is not unique. In fact, it has become normal to be arrested for a felony the person did not commit. No, it has become typical. And there are many reasons why this is happening.We are Fran Hansen and Jilly Prather – advocates for the many innocents whose lives are wasting away in prison cells all over this country. Fran has had gut-wrenching, tragic personal experience with her son wrongly convicted of the rape of his daughter. Watch her YouTube presentation. Evidence Not Required.

We don’t know how many innocents have been wrongfully accused and convicted exactly. The Innocence Project cites many studies estimating from 2 percent to 5 percent of prisoners are actually innocent. According to The Sentencing Project the U.S., which leads the world in incarceration of its citizens, has approximately 2 million people behind bars. That means a wrongful conviction rate of 1 percent would translate to 20,000 people punished for crimes they didn’t commit at the least. On death row, 1 in 25 are likely innocent, according to a recent study. A few hundred have been exonerated – a drop in the bucket. And many were executed before DNA testing could vindicate them.

We will bring you the most heart-wrenching stories of men and women rotting away in prison cells because of greedy judges, apathetic court appointed attorneys, lazy and conniving prosecutors, lying eye witnesses, and crooked cops. These innocents have lost everything. Rob Hall won’t get to see his oldest daughter get married this year or his youngest graduate from high school. He’s afraid his mother won’t be around anymore when he gets out. Now he needs $30,000 for the post-conviction phase of his case. The system has drained his family financially, emotionally, and mentally. We will also bring you the latest news about the heroic efforts of people fighting for the Innocents and the progress of their legal efforts to change the agonizing, slow turning wheels of the justice system of America.

If you have a story to share please contact us. If you have a comment, we want to hear from you. Until next time, be safe.

Jilly Prather

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