Ten’s of THOUSANDS of INNOCENT men and woman have served the time given to them by the courts – and are now ‘OUT’ on parole.  


Our Mission is not only to provide a venue and platform to chronicle the innocence of those still incarcerated, but to also bring light to those now finishing their LIFE SENTENCE as a convicted felon, often ostracized by former friends and family members; still waiting for the day to PROVE they were, and still are INNOCENT, falsely accused and wrongfully convicted.

If you or someone you know has a story  to share in hopes of shedding a new light on their case, please contact us here at The Innocence Chronicles.  While we cannot guarantee every story will be told, we will do our best to share your information in as timely a manner as time permits.

If you are an investigator, a writer, a reporter looking for stories of wrongfully convicted individuals, please help us by sharing our stories with your media connections.  If you would like to share your thoughts on our BLOG, we are searching for writers.

Innocent On Parole