How You Can Help

Pro-bono Legal Assistance



The Innocence Chronicles needs your help. We are seeking outstanding authors and story tellers to write the tales of innocent men and women in prison.  The stories of innocence denied is unbelievable in its scope. Whether you would like to be a blog contributor, a short story teller, or author of a full scale biography, we would appreciate hearing from you.


We are also asking for assistance in creating short videos to give a glimpse into an individuals previously untold story.
If you've ever considered creating a full length documentary, we can provide the research, photos, (in some cases media coverage) and contacts to make your job easier.


Nearly all cases of false accusations and wrongful convictions were NEVER investigated properly, if at all.  We need current, and/or retired investigators, private detectives, criminologists, forensic document examiners, former prosecutors, and
pro-bono attorney's.

Yes, even armchair detectives can help. Just ask us how!

Please call and leave your contact information at 503-896-6611