The Innocence Chronicles began their work in the Spring of 2017 to engage the help of experienced True Crime authors, asking for their expertise in writing the astonishingly inconceivable stories of innocent men and women imprisoned by false accusations and wrongful convictions. Many imprisoned for crimes that NEVER happened, but for revenge. Others wrongfully convicted because of prosecutorial misconduct, ineffective assistance of counsel, judicial prejudice, lies and deceit. Be sure to add your name to our mailing list to be the first to receive notice of their pending release dates in early to mid-2018."  

Disclaimer: The books listed here are not part of The Innocence Chronicles upcoming series, but are suggested reading for those interested in learning more about false accusations and wrongful convictions of innocent individuals, nationwide/worldwide.  

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TRUE CRIME THRILLER with a twist. Written first-hand by the actual investigator in DEFENSE of real people charged with murder.A criminal justice system that is blind to some while embracing others for unconscious and unconscionable reasons.

Empowering, inspiring, evocative journey of a real-life seasoned criminal defense investigator through guilt, innocence, and the court system.  Entertaining personal stories and gritty details of real murders.

Throughout her true dark and gritty stories and commentary on the legal system, April entertains us with wit and humor while describing her personal and professional journey through the criminal justice system as she helps defend otherwise average citizens who are accused of heinous, violent crimes, and shares her best practices for uncovering and laying out the evidence against the accused.

Her accounts are TRUE!

Kindle Version HERE

Featured Author - APRIL HIGUERA

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